Saeco Coffee Machines: Perfect Coffee Brewing

Posted on 24 October, 2012

Saeco coffee machines are now a favourite among Australians, due to their ease of use, automatic cleaning feature and great taste! Despite the fact that there are many coffee machine brands to consider like Sunbeam, Nespresso and Sheffield, Saeco has risen to the top of the industry thanks to its build quality and reliability. With Saeco’s cutting edge technology and stylish design, it will fit in nicely to any household’s kitchen.

Upon learning more about the benefits of a Saeco coffee machine, it is easy to believe that this is the right brand for you. However, you must first consider one important detail: Price.Saeco Coffee Machine

When compared to other manufacturers, you will find that Saeco is priced a bit higher. The cheapest model starts at $299 and reaches up to $899. Are you willing to spend this much money on a coffee machine? Or would you rather opt for something less expensive? I personally believe that you can’t put a price on a great tasting coffee and If you were to buy a coffee every day it would cost you over $1200 a year!

Here are three of the reasons why a growing number of people are parting with their money and opting for a Saeco:

1. Gives you the perfect experience. No matter what type of “coffee drink” you are interested in, cappuccino, cafe latte, flat white or mocha. With a Saeco you are going to get top notch results and you will enjoy the full aroma down to every last coffee bean.

2. Easy to use. Despite its many features, most people find Saeco models extremely simple to use. Soon enough, you will know exactly what it takes to brew a cup of your favourite coffee, with minimal time wasted and the purist taste.

3. Reliable and long lasting. Is there anything worse than buying a cheap coffee machine, just to find that it is broken after a few months? Rather than take the risk, it is best to spend the money upfront and be confident that it is going to last for a very long time. With a 12 month warranty against defects, Saeco coffee machines give you piece of mind!

4. Automatic Cleaning. With the easy to use interface, automatic cleaning feature and de-scaling cycles, you are guaranteed great tasting coffee after constant use and also maximum longevity for your machine.
Here are three options that you should consider, each one at a different price point:
1. Saeco Lavazza A Modo Mio Coffee Machine
2. Phillips Saeco Intelia Focus Automatic Espresso Machine
3. Phillips Saeco Intelia Class Automatic Espresso Machine

Upon clicking onto each product above and reviewing the finer details of these three Saeco coffee machines; you can make an informed decision as to which one is best for you and your budget.

If you want to fully appreciate the real quality of espresso using the best Italian traditions, enhance your taste buds with a quality Saeco coffee machine!

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