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Posted on 29 November, 2012

While we may not want to see ourselves as “lazy couch potatoes” who are constantly snoozing or curled up on the couch, the fact is humans spend 1/3 of their lives in bed. When you consider the time that one spends in the bedroom, it only makes sense to make the bedroom an appealing and comfortable retreat. The bed side table is a piece of bedroom furniture that is a must have for each bedroom in the home as it not only offers functionality but style and class!

A bed side table is important, especially if you enjoy reading in bed. Bed side tables offer a great spot to place a lamp, books, picture frames or your mobile phone. They are one of the most enjoyable pieces of furniture as they are functional and you can dress the tables up in order to beautify the room.

Bed side tables can be purchased as part of a bedroom set or individually. Most homes have a table on each side of the bed but if there is only one occupant, it is fine to just have one.

Affordable Bedside Tables

The Juliette Bedside Table is a beautiful piece of furniture that comes in a pair and makes a stylish addition to nearly any room. The bedside table is constructed of handsome wood and steel. It is a practical, cost effective solution for any room of the house but looks great in the bedroom. The wooden top of the bedside table is powder coated to create a sleek and modern finish. With dimensions of 450mm x 330mm x 615mm it is the perfect complement to any bed.

The Merlot Cherry Modernised Bedside Table is the ideal addition for those who enjoy the look of cherry wood. The table is modernly styled and made of rubber wood, which makes it cost effective. It comes with a 12 month warranty and measures 575w x 450mm x 505mm.

For a more masculine look in the bedroom the Leather PU Bed Side Table is a stylish bed side table that will add a handsome touch to the room. The table is made of solid wood and fully upholstered with PU Leather, and includes two drawers with a track. Chrome handles add to the appeal and quality of the table. This beautiful leather bedside table comes in both white and dark brown and measures 520mm x 430m x 520mm.

The Modernised Bed Side Table is a stylish piece of furniture that is ideal for bedrooms with a fresh, clean look. The table is designed with two drawers and is painted in a non-toxic white colour. This bed side table is considered ideal for all bedrooms in the home, especially the bedrooms of young boys and girls. Bright blue knobs or pink blue knobs add to the appeal of the bed side table and with a measurement of only 470mm x 410mm x 475mm it can fit almost anywhere.

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